12 days of Christmas projects

As far back as I remember I have been overcome with a desire to create gifts during The holiday season. Of course most of my inspirations happen within the last couple weeks…. Even hours before Christmas eve… I do remember one Christmas vividly in my mind, it was 4am Christmas morning and my mom and i were crazily finishing up the last few rows, hurriedly blocking and wrapping while some wonderfully happily drunk family members kept us company. Yes, as an avid knitter this can be an overwhelming time, with sweaters still on needles and dolls laying naked and bald. Tonight I realized that I have exactly 10 days (now 11 nights before Christmas morning) and I have at least that many projects on the needles or awaiting further completion. I plan to lead you through the studio of disaster as I finish, or try to, each project that will be under the tree the morning of the 25th.

Tonight, December 14th, I will work hard on my husbands sweater. He likes sweaters plain. Very plain. All Stockinette stitch with very simple ribbing. Thankfully he is much smaller than me and although boring, a sweater his size does not take too long once I get down to work and speed knit. This year I decided to walk a tight rope and give the yoke of his boring sweater a bit of something to look forward to. I am knitting his sweater out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which for a staple solid colored yarn is my favorite by far. 50% wool/ 50% alpaca light worsted weight. Round, full twist, beautiful body and substance without being chunky. And the best part? No pilling. His first sweater has never needed de-pilling in the 3 years he has worn it, and he wears it a lot.

I started with an Brooklyn Tweed design from Ann Budd called Guston. Well I had decided to use the pattern, but that’s where it ended. Keith wanted ribbing, not garter stitch, and he was against the button down gansey look. I was determined to have some texture to the yoke, but also want to see him wear it. After working the body in ribbing and Stockinette, I finally reached the yoke! I separated for the arms and found the perfect twisted rib basket weave type pattern. It fit perfectly into the amount of stitches I had and voila! I have now only knit a couple inches and knitting is slow because I have to think somewhat. So without further ado. I must. Start. Knitting.

A front and back textured yoke and then two attached sleeves (knit shoulder to cuff of course, in case they need to be lengthened or repaired!)

Tomorrow… Which project will be next? Maybe the adventure to find and create the perfect small horseback riding doll to bring my daughters imagination to life in the days of kings and queens and, did I mention horses!?


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