Living up to my crafty self


It has taken me three children to become ambitious and self assured with crafting for a baby. Yes, I have always preached wool diaper covers and cloth prefolds, but have I ever really loved using them and opted for wool over the poly covers? Not until now.

With my first daughter, I had no idea. I knew I wanted cloth diapers, and as a designer I wanted to knit my own wool covers. I made many different kinds and promptly never finished or used them more than a couple times after she was born. These are coming in handy now…

My second daughter, two years later, followed much the same as my first, except I did not do much knitting or sewing for her at all and the wool covers were left undiscovered. Possibly because I felt too busy with two to consider re-lanolizing the covers (soaking them in a lanolin bath to make them water resistant), or possibly because I was still unsure they were the best way to go. But by now I was also very unhappy with the poly covers and how they did not do a very good job keeping her dry past one pee! We ended up making excuses and using disposables whenever possible.

My wool diaper cover adventure has taken off with my 3 week old son who pees like there’s no tomorrow. He can seriously soak through anything…. Except my wool covers that I made for Stella 5 years ago. Felted wool covers, either hand knit or sewn from recycled wool sweaters have been a saving grace for this little man. He was developing a bad rash and my husband decided that he would put a disposable on every chance he had. This seemed insane since we had so many prefolds and little Olan would wet through a diaper in what seemed like a matter of seconds. How many disposable diapers did I have on this little guy and before I had him dressed he had loaded it up again? A crazy number of diapers. So I decided to give the wool covers another look. The poly covers would soak through every layer of clothing he had on with one pee, so these were quickly not my favorites. I soaked my covers in a sink of hot water and a tiny amount of pure sheep lanolin (the Lansinoh nipple cream works too), then let them dry in a room away from our wood stove heat and direct sunlight. They are amazing. He stays dry and the covers will air out and be oder free before the next diaper change.

I have started sewing wool covers out of a pile of recycled wool sweaters I had, and have been tailoring them to fit well with as little bulk as possible. It has taken me 3 babies to really try and problem solve these crafting dilemmas, but I’m glad I did. Olan’s rash even disappears when we only use the wool covers all day. I must admit though… We have been using a disposable at night since he is happy to sleep all night or only half wake up to nurse (which we can both do half asleep!) A happy well rested mama trumps not using a disposable!

Looking for lanolin? I was so excited to find 100% sheep lanolin that I purchased it in bulk and will have it available at Ewetopia! I have also seen it at the Viroqua Food Co-op in the health and beauty department. The Lansinoh nipple cream also works well, but it is a lanolin man-made product.

Never be afraid to make something work that you believe to be too difficult, you may just find out it’s an easier option!



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