About us




Ewetopia is the most creative and original aspect of Ewetopia Fiber Shop. In 2008 Kathryn Ashley-Wright began experimenting with knitwear designs and fiber dyeing. In 2009, Ewetopia was officially born and has brought hand dyed yarns and original designs to the Midwest region through local yarn shops and wool festivals. You may have known us as Kate Wright Designs, but Kathryn never wanted her name to be the sole focus of her work, so it made sense to go back to our loved and known brand of Ewetopia.

The dyeing studio is a small family operation run by Kathryn Ashley-Wright who finds her inspirations from nature, especially her dear flock of sheep grazing in the field and the vivid sunsets that she sees from the studio. At Ewetopia we use professional acid dyes that are metal free and thus healthier for you and the earth. In our labeling and shipping department, we use only 100% recycled post-consumer labels and shipping materials, including biodegradable tape!


Kathryn designs timeless garments and other original designs to fit a wide range of body types, styles and temperaments. All of our professionally printed patterns are printed on 100% recycled post-consumer card stock.

Ewetopia farm consists of 100 acres of luscious certified organic crops and raise certified grass-fed sheep with a focus on bountiful soft fleeces.

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