Femininity and the apron

My mother and I just wrapped up our 10 day trip to two fiber festivals. Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, IL and the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI. Although a new experience going to two back to back shows and two new shows to us, setting up our booth and selling yarn is something we have grown to understand. What made this trip different for us is our doppelgänger behind…. The apron. In an effort to “match” and appear to work in the same booth we decided to create matching aprons that would be effective in linking us to our booth and be utilitarian by way of storing extra invoices and pens.

A couple days before we set off, I sat down with my sewing machine and some light lime linen fabric I had from a bridesmaid dress gone awry. I had a flattering little apron I rarely wear but like the look of and set about using it as a template. The conclusion? Well I learned a few things about the fit I was going for and about what fabric would not give me that fit, linen, at least without interfacing, being one of them. They were functional, and without more time they would work, if we got up the nerve to wear them.

We found our aprons to be very handy at the shows in carrying everything from invoices and pens to diapers and knitting (they really are perfect for knitting on the go!). What we also found was that these little pieces of fabric, once over our head and tied behind our waist, helped us get into “character”, from dyers and farmers, to vendors selling our work. After the last day I felt a little funny about taking off my apron, it had become part of my wardrobe and I felt bare without it. They became an essential tool in carrying things and covering up my camping worn clothes.

We were also surprised about the feedback on our aprons! We had many complements and many people requested to purchase aprons! All in all on our way home from Michigan we stopped by a fabric store and found a pattern and some better linen fabric… Interfacing too, that will become the new aprons of the Ewetopia duo. Mustard gold and a bit more substantial fabric will be perfect for the next few fall shows! Three weeks until Wisconsin Sheep and Wool!